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Amsterdam’s Pink Film Festival for insight into the LGBT life

A Chance to Gain Insight into the LGBT life while in Amsterdam

It is always great to visit a new place, as well as take an interest in world affairs. One of the biggest topics in today’s social and political life is the rights of minorities like LGBTs. If you can take a trip and see a new place, plus participate in something that teaches you about the life of this group of people who deal with difficult situations every day, what better situation for you to partake in than this?

In Amsterdam from March 10 to 20 the Amsterdam Pink Film Festival  will take place. This Amsterdam festival has been organized every year since 1996. The movies range in types and categories between lesbian, gay and mixed audience films and themes like identity and shifting borders or talk of the town. You can learn about the life experience of the LGBT person and what discrimination they face every day, as well as their daily life issues. Some issues that we never have to deal with like being able to get married is just one of the insights you will get from watching the movies at the Pink Film Festival. The films will show at the Cinema Ketelhuis downtown. When you are there you can also visit Amsterdam attractions; after all you have 10 days. If you decide to stay less you can still see some of Amsterdam with as little as 3 days to 5 days. To find budget hotels for your Amsterdam trip you can go to websites like,, Laterooms or

Thanks to the city’s size you can reach the Cinema Ketelhuis easily from anywhere downtown Amsterdam. Before the showing of one of the Pink Film Festival movies you can walk the streets of Amsterdam, maybe head to a coffee shop or go to Anne Frank’s House, or even visit the Red Light District. When the movie(s) are done you can grab a bight to eat at one of the restaurants or pubs and try some local foods and beer. Amsterdam is quaint and pleasant; with the educational experience added to it, you are going to love this vacation choice. For more info visit