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Dirtiest Cities in the United States

Travel+Leisure just finished with their survey to find out the dirtiest city in the US based on the readers’ experience. It is part of the America’s Favorite Cities survey that has been held annually.

Knowing that a city is dirty often cannot stop people to travel there as sometimes they get a fantastic experience in return. So, here is the list of 10 dirtiest city in the USA.

1. New York City

NYC by night

Previous surveys have it that New York City is often ranked on the top position for being the rudest and loudest city. As in 2012, the city climbs to the first position to be the dirtiest city after finishing in the fifth position last year. But this city can also boast its stylish locals, theater and luxury stores as it also ranked first for the three of them.

2. New Orleans

Debris matter is always there in New Orleans as tornado and hurricanes often strike this city. But the Crescent City has the wonderful Mardi Gras celebrated every year. The city is old but the locals are friendly, even when they are in the bars during weekends.

3. Baltimore

landscape of Baltimore

Baltimore has a serious problem: rats. In 2011, this city was ranked number 6 but as the county officials get more complaints about rats it is now placed in the 3rd position. However, Baltimore is always charming for its classical music and warm locals.

4. Los Angeles

a classic view of Los Angeles's streets

The Lung Association has included LA in the top three of the country’s worst air pollution. But people still find this city is attracting for its flea markets and classic burgers.

5. Atlanta

Atlanta view

As part of the Sun Belt city, Atlanta is ranked number 5 in this list. However, readers still love the city’s modest shopping. The city’s effort to free the neighborhood from cigarette butts in parks by fining up to $1,000 for those who break the rule also deserves an appreciation.

6. Philadelphia

In 2011, Philadelphia ranked number 2 in the same list but this year the city seems have been walking in the right path. If they can fix it more completely it is not impossible that they can get out from the list next year.

7. Dallas/Fort Worth

one of the most important cities of Texas

Dallas is placed in the seventh position based on the readers’ thought. And for the public parks, the city ranked last. Perhaps it is the main reason why voters select Dallas in the survey. Yet, the city is also popular for the attractive crazy sport.

8.  Miami

Panoramic of Miami beach

A recent study has it that Miami’s soil is extremely polluted. Miami almost finished last for the noise and made it to snatch the country’s worst drivers award. However, the good looks of the locals are still remarkable for the readers.

9.  Memphis

Memphis's view

This city is five slots better than last year. It is likely that the improvement is resulted from the scolding letter in the mail of local motorists who litter on the street. The 52-Clean hotline has been opened to take in reports from the citizens who see litterbugs on the street.

10. Houston

The American Lung Association has Houston placed in the top 10 list of the worst ozones in the nation. But Houston is also popular as an affordable city for the readers.