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Romantic Spots in Netherlands

Netherlands is the quite small country in the middle of Europe continent. The thing that becomes a characteristic of this country is the windmill. Even Netherlands is categorized as small country in Europe, it also has romantic buildings and landscapes that very suitable for romantic couples who want to travel in this country.

Romantic Spots in Netherlands1

Indeed, Netherlands is also well-known as the country as the best wine producer in the world. So, it will not be complete if you come to this country just for enjoying the view without tasting the best wine ever. Beside that, Netherlands also has the very best romantic spots that can be visited.

Here are some spots that you can visit for romantic trip:

1. Churches

As the European country with the Christian/Catholics as the majority religion, no wonder, if you find many churches in Netherlands. These churches are all in the great decoration with amazing old and classic architectural. The churches in Netherlands are not only for praying, but they are also opened for the tourism destination. Some of the churches like Nieuwe Kerk, Oude Kerk, etc are recommended to be listed in your destination romantic tour.


2. Bridges

This country also have plenty of wonderful bridges. You can stand on the bridge with your partner and enjoy the romantic moment with the romantic nuance. There will be no regret if you spend time together with your girlfriend/boyfriend on the bridge, because the best romantic panorama can be seen so clearly. These are the name of the famous bridges in Netherlands: Blauwe Brug, Jan Schaeferberg, Python Bridge. There might be other romantic bridges that you can find directly after you go traveling in this country.

Romantic Spots-Netherlands

3. Museums

Netherlands is typically as the country with historical style and classical decorations over the some cities and buildings. If your partner and you, are interested in enjoying the view like that, you can travel in the famous museums in this country. Here are the name of those museums: Van Gogh museum, this is the paintings museum which shows the masterpiece of the famous painter Van Gogh. Rijksmuseum is the national museum of Netherlands which shows the Asian arts and all the collection from Golden Age. There are a lot of historical museums in Netherlands that cannot be listed all in here. If you are eager to know, it would be better if you travel around in this country together with your beloved partner.


Those places are highly recommended to be visited if you want to have unforgettable romantic moment while you are traveling in Netherlands. In addition, there 2 places that also the same highly recommended, those are: Keukenhof, the famous place of the tulip industry in Netherlands. Maybe you can give the best tulips that have never been given to your partner. The second place is The Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Though, the Royal Family of Netherlands is not as famous as Great Britain Royal Family, Netherlands’ Palace is still recommended to be visited.