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Rihanna in Dublin at the O2

One of the Best Concerts in Dublin this Year with Rihanna and What to Expect

It is always hard to decide where to go for a vacation and sometimes what to do can also be an issue. We usually like to spend money and get the best out of it. One way to do this is to plan a trip around the dates of other events. This is a high priority especially for those who are coming from across the ocean or from very far away places. If this is the case for you too you should also know what to expect when you go to Dublin for Rihanna’s October 3, 2011, concert of the Loud album.

Rihanna in concert in Dublin may sound a little off, due to the image of folkloristic music coming from the word Dublin and Ireland, but as you are aware she has a big fan club and plenty of followers. This young musician started her career at age 16 and is now still going strong after about five years of making and distributing at least three albums. In Dublin you can expect to find the concert on the 3rd, and for the other days of your Dublin stay numerous attractions. The city will have a bit more visitors than usual in October due to Rihanna and her concert, but it will still be manageable to reach sites like the Dublin Castle and Guinness Storehouse.

For the concert you will be going to the O2 in Dublin Docklands. Look for Dublin hotels near St. Patrick’s Cathedral for deals and vacancies. Right now you are sure to find plenty of deals and discount prices, plus it isn’t high season in Dublin due to the winter approaching. From Dublin hotels near the O2 Arena you are very close to other Dublin sites and monuments so you won’t find it hard to see these before and after the day of Rihanna’s concert.