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Search Engine Sites Today

Today the development of technology has helped many companies to become more visible than before.  They’re visibility is also cost effective.  At one time the only way a business could get publicity for itself was through television, magazines, newspapers and billboards.
Today the internet has changed this situation.  Businesses have websites that can be found by users like yourself.  The most typical way users search for something is through search engine websites.  Search Engines help to make users’ search time efficient and easy.  You can search for anything and everything, but does this mean you are getting all the information you need?  It depends on a couple of factors how much information you are actually gathering.
When you use a search engine site there are some things you should know about the information that is being presented to you. Search Engines have agreements with companies like selling them space and positioning on their site.  The website also shows pages in order from results based on key words in the websites that come up.  Thirdly you won’t always get all the information you’re looking for because some good businesses may not invest in keywords and website positioning as others do.
The company agreement with a search engine sites like google,  yahoo, Bing is simple.  The 3 websites make businesses pay a certain amount of money to have higher priority when certain key words are put in and searched by users.  They ( and also sell space on the side bars and upper bar of their website.  A perfect example is how when you search on google you see on the right and above your search box other websites from your search.  Those sections are businesses that are paying to be more visible.  The ones that invest in key words are higher in the page distribution of the results users get.  Instead of being on page 8 they hope to be on one of the first 3 pages because it is more likely that a person will go through the first couple pages and then find what they are looking for or move on to another site.
The keywords aspect is of a more complex nature.  A perfect example that can illustrate this situation is when people look into a hotel or trip.  Websites like, or will have in their pages a lot of titles with “hotel in destination”, “cheap flights for destination”, or “destination hotels at the best price”.  Word combinations are what search engine sites like or look for when you insert a search.  The exact words you are putting in for your search is what they find and look for with their meta search engines in addition to the factor of their advertising clients’ investment in page positioning, as well as the company’s relatedness to your keywords.
On the basis of this, you, the user, will get the websites that have more of the key words you used for your search, as well as the websites that pays and invest in higher visibility with your search engine of choice.