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Tourist trap in India

Walking around in other country will be a bit risky. You need to have a good information about the condition and the environment around the city. You will be able to avoid and also find other alternatives for your problem.

There are a lot of taxis available in India. The fare is not expensive so it is okay but you will have problem with cheeky driver. The trick is to see the flag on the meter should be read 1 if more than that, find other taxi or rickshaw. Rickshaw is a bit cheaper. They usually have the meter right but they will also keep trying to charge you more. To read the meter, you can just reduce it with one. If the meter said 3.9, it should only be 38 rupees. Another tip is to carry the written address of the hotel you’re based either in English or in Indi (the latter would be better!) Sometimes arickshaw driver doesn’t know where is the place you have to go and he will ended up asking locals for directions!

Pick pockets
You will have problem if you want to ride public transport like bus and train. Those transports are always full and crowded. The only thing that you need to be aware is pick pocket. Put your wallet on your front pocket, if you put it in back pocket, it will be gone within 5 minutes.

Buy water from Pharmacy
You should bring your own water if you did not bring it. Do not forget to check the seal and also the bottom of the bottle. You will need this water to drink and also brushing your teeth. Having purifying water tablets is also a good way to travel around in India.

They are everywhere if you visit India, in a big city or in rural area. You should not bring anything to them since there will be more coming to get something for you. The only thing you can do is ignore them, just don’t give anything so they will not follow you everywhere. In particular you would notice that you would be followed by kids having no shoes, dirty clthes and smelling badly. It could be hard not to be pity, but I’ve been told thet is betetr for them and for you just to keep going on.