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Tips on Brazil budget traveling

“Brazil is also a nice travel destination. This country is also very expensive. If you want to spend sometimes in one of its city, you need to have a good plan so that you are able to enjoy your vacation without worrying the cost”.

Cheap flights to Brazil can be obtained from Miami. Rio and Sao Paulo are the main destinations and you can save hundreds dollar by departing from Miami. Tickets are as low as 250$ leaving from these cities. Don’t go during peak season it will be very expensive and crowded. Days in the middle of the week are a good option.

Travel around
You can save more money by flying to reach your destination within Brazil but you will need to pay alot. Bus is also convenient and cheaper. You can have air conditioned bus. All buses have a coach clesse but paying a small fee is possible to upgrade to a more luxury bus.
The main companies working in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo and Rio are Electrobus and Tres Amigos. To get to Salvador and Belem is suggested flying up to them, rather tahn catching the bus.

Pousada is the other name of Bed and breakfast. Rather than staying in an expensive hotel, you can have the same comfort at this accommodation. The drawback is on the location. It is in a rural area and a bit primitive but it is not. The facility is also good with nice breakfast. If you want cheaper accommodation, you can have youth hostel. Youth hostel is also called as “”albeurges””. This is where backpackers stay in Brazil. You can even join them to go around without having to lose by yourself. Also is possibile to find cheap accomodation in this website “ProntoHotel

You can go for local sandwich which is sold for less than R$5 or you can go for burger from fast food restaurant. You can have a good meal from Brazilian restaurant for more than $5 per person. Most of the menu available in the restaurant is served for two persons and it is unwritten so it will be wise to ask the waiter. It can be a good solution to have a good food in cheap price.

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