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Worth to Visit Attractions in Porto

It is magic that you can only find in Porto. The city is built in modern way without leaving the classical roots. The architectures, foods and oceans are among the most desirable things from this city.

Café Majestic

Café Majestic is dated from 1921 but the charm has not been faded out. The café is located in Santa Catarina Street. It is one of the most popular streets that full of pedestrians every day in the city. If you are a huge fan of the 20s era, then you must visit the café. It is not the best café in town, but it is surely one of top attractions in Porto that are too great to be skipped.

Bolhao Market

Bolhao market is also a popular historical attraction in Porto. The market seems about to die if there is no generous hands giving help to keep it striving. Thus, you must never pass this market once you step your feet on Porto. The market has various products to offer from cut flowers to souvenirs.

Lello Bookshop

Reading book at Lello Bookshop while sipping a cup of coffee is an irresistible activity for every book worm who visits Porto. Besides Portuguese, the bookshop also has other languages including English.

Sao Bento train station

Sao Bento train station is small and rather ordinary but when you have departed from the platform, the train gives you an extraordinary view of the mountain. Give a loop or two and enjoy the ride.
The Town Hall Square
In the past few years, there has been modernization works in the large square facing the Aliados Avenue and Town Hall. The open air attraction will be a fantastic place especially for budget travelers.

Crystal Palace Park

It is another fabulous park. The Crystal Palace Park is a favorite place for jogging, enjoying the city view and relaxing while surrounded by ducks and peacocks. There is a pavilion in the center of the park where you can get the best city view in Porto.