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Destination: Shopping

The Best Shopping Streets in USA

Going on a vacation while shopping is fun when you know how, where and when to do it. This time we will only discuss the “where” factor.

America is not only the world of opportunity. It is also the world of shopping. So, here is the list of the best shopping streets in USA.

Rodeo Drive
California is always fabulous even without snow during holiday. One street in Cali which is popular for the gorgeous stores and shops is Rodeo Drive. All kinds of stores are there but the most dominant is world-class a.k.a pricey stores that sell top designers’ artworks like Chanel, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, and so on.

Michigan Avenue
Besides the Chicago Water Tower and Magnificent Mile, Michigan Avenue is also home to the hundreds of stores. Walking along the streets could be an eye exercise for you windows-shopping lovers.

Newburry Street
Newbury Street used to be part of Boston Harbor. The street offers variety of lifestyle options from shops to restaurants. Come in early December and get unbelievable discounts during Holiday Stroll.

Nicollet Avenue
Nicollet Avenue hosts the Nicollet Mall where shops and stores are coming in various ways. Come between Thanksgiving and a weekend before Christmas for the Holidazzle parades. The parades are held through Nicollet Mall on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays starting at 6.30 pm.

Fillmore Street
San Francisco actually has at least two shopping centers, the Union Square and Fillmore Street. But Fillmore Street is more interesting to visit because the types of the stores are ranged and there are also a number of good restaurants along the street. Fillmore Street is livelier in December during the Holiday Stroll.

King Street
Feel the hospitality of the Southerners on the King Street. While Buckhead’s mega mall seems popular, this street turns out to be more captivating. Bob Ellis, M. Dumas, Banana Republic and Apple are amongst the world-class names available along the street.

M Street NW
Washington DC is not really like the other leisure travel destinations as the city is more like serious with all the politics issues that dominate the social scene in the city. But wait a minute! There is the M Street NW that becomes home to fabulous brands such as Vineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren.