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Where to Travel in November

Deciding which hemisphere you wish to visit during your travel in November, will play a large role in the type of vacation you can expect.  In the northern hemisphere, you’ll be looking at fall into winter, so you have the option to participate in winter activities.  In the southern hemisphere, you’ll be able to enjoy spring into summer and many warmer outdoor activities. Here’s what to expect in November around the world.

Paris, France


The Grand Palais could be a great choice for art lovers.  They have exhibitions of grand masters’ artwork.  In the past, these have included works by Matisse, Cézanne, and Picasso. The Musée de Luxembourg also has some masterful pieces. Around mid-November you can experience the annual Paris Photo show. Biannually, you can head over to Place de la Bastille for the Brocante antiques fair. Wine lovers can’t miss Beaujolais Nouveau’s Annual Release. This is such a sought-after wine that there are over 100 festivals commemorating its release. Les Nuits Capitales is an annual event to celebrate the nightlife. While visiting Paris in November, you also have the opportunity to see all the major points of interest.


Sunny Morocco in November will give you a welcome break from cold winter weather. There is beautiful weather not over 23°C throughout the year.  Bask in the sun, go 4x4ing or horseback riding. Don’t miss paragliding and hiking as well. You also have the opportunity to go on a Sahara Desert trek when the heat has withered away.

Rajasthan, India

This is also one of the best places to travel to in November. Soothing temperatures accentuate the activities.  The Chandrabhaga Animal Fair is held this time of year so it can coincide with the full moon and coming of Spring. Jhalawar bursts forth in lovely colors.  While out, tour the villages away from the city, including Rajastham and Madhya Pradesh. You may be able to stay as the guest of the maharaja.  Visit temples in the area or perhaps take a swim or enjoy a massage at the local resort.

Islands of the Sea

pirates week

Haiti has their version of the Day of the Dead, entitled the Fete Gede.  This is a Voodoo festival that welcomes and celebrates the frolicsome spirits of the afterlife.  The Gede (spirits) may even crash the President’s party and demand to take some loot away.

The Cayman Islands has the Pirate Festival that lasts for a couple of weeks midway through the month. This the perfect place to travel in November for the kids in the family. The mini-me swashbucklers can partake in a mock invasion, music, dance, games, and more pretend stuff like galleons and submarines.

For a totally different experience, head over to Surin, Thailand, and the Sri Narong Stadium the third week of November.  The Surin Elephant Round-up is the largest show of its kind in the country. You can watch the pachyderms play soccer, tug-of-war, and do some old-fashioned log pulling. There are also reenactments of hunting and war scenes in costumed play.


Bonfire Night is a traditional English festival. When wondering where to travel in November, this could be a classic escape. See the burning effigies and then experience some fireworks. The history behind this festival consists of 17th Century Catholics unhappy about the hardline Protestantism in the country so they decided to storm the House of Parliament, taking down the King James I, his oldest son, and all those inside the building. But the plan was foiled and now this London festival has become a favorite.


By visiting Rocca Canterano, Italy, not only can you have some fun visiting the sites, but you can also partake of the Festa del Coruto (Festival of the Horned One). The symbolic floats slide down Main Street while the playful actors recite the words of the satire. They speak not of love but of the betrayals that they have experienced and the breakups. You don’t find a festival against lovebirds very often.



New York, New York, has the world famous Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Day Parade that you really shouldn’t miss seeing in person if you can.  Times Square and the heart of the theater district will welcome you with wonderful nightlife.

Florida can be a bit warmer that the rest of the country.  When thinking of a holiday in November, try here.  Disney World, Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, and Busch Gardens are but a few places to hit for tons of fun.  Beach lovers can still enjoy the beaches along the Atlantic Coast, although you may want to check the water temperature before jumping in.

When you are trying to figure out where to travel in November, you can choose a location for its sights, its activities, or its festivals. Wherever you go, you will be able to have the time of your life on your November vacation.