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Cheap eating tips in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most favorite travel destinations around the world. You are able to go there though you are on budget. Eating can be a problem since most of the meal in this city is very expensive. Here are some tips to get cheap meal in Barcelona.

Menu Del Dia
This is one of the best alternatives to see if you want to eat tasty meal in Barcelona. Check the chalked up on a board on the sidewalk. You will be given more options for your meal such as a paella, salad or soup, Steak, chicken and also fish. You will also have options on dessert. The price is started from less than fifteen Euro but not more than twenty euro. Make sure you come at the right hour to get the menu.

Check the price
You need to see if there are a lot of tax and hidden cost since in Barcelona hidden cost is pretty high. You may be charged for something that you expect to be free like bread. Some places also have supplement for eating on the terrace. Coffee and also tax should also be checked to avoid hidden cost. The hidden cost can be higher than your meal.

Tipping is not an obligation. You can leave your small changes or you do not have to give tip at all. It is all your right. The tip should not be more than one Euro per person. The common amount is about 5% to 10% of your bill.

Libro de Reclamaciones
If you have complaints for something that displeasing, you can ask for a complaints book, since all establishments should have this book by law. If they say they don’t have it, you may leave without paying. Don’t worry; you are protected by law to do that.

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