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One way people travel today is on cruises, but don’t think this is a recent trend.

Did you know that the first cruise ship was built in 1900? And that it was custom to have transatlantic crossings? One could say that already back then the idea of the cruise was enacted. It was with less facilities and amenities than today, as well as the idea behind it wasn’t exactly for the same reasons. It was something that happened due to the days one had to spend on the ship before arriving at their final destination. When jet aircraft came around in the 1960s the ocean linear trade declined somewhat. This reaction eventually brought about the idea of creating what we know now as cruise ships.

Today cruise travel is a cheaper way to enjoy leisure travel versus flying and buying a package trip. While having to go from the US to Europe entails at least $ 700.00 dollars per person per flight; then an additional sum for your hotel, which would bring the final price of your trip to more than $ 1,000.00; cruises can cost about $ 300.00 for a weekend and it includes room and board.

This type of deal calls to us, not only because of the difficult times, but also because it makes sense to pay a reasonable amount of money that allows you to have fun and covers your sleeping and eating needs. The cruise lines make improvements every day and are a huge part of the tourism industry. They are the only section of tourism that didn’t undergo hardship during the economical downfall the whole world has gone through in the past years.

Cruise travelling is appealing to all types of travelers because it is affordable and allows you to take a short break or a longer one from your everyday busy life. Companies like the Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises or Carnival Cruise Line improve their ships yearly and add amenities like tennis courts, rock climbing walls, clubs and live music lounge bars, etc. Cruise ships are like little towns of their own, the only difference is that you don’t have to pay as much, nor go as far to take one.