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Flying is one of the fastest ways to reach our vacation destinations, no matter how near they are, the real question is if it is cheaper and worth the price. Lately airlines have been offering somewhat cheaper prices to fly nationally, but have added other costs like in the US where most airlines now apply a luggage charge starting with the first one. Obviously we can’t say that driving five hours somewhere is more efficient than taking a plane, but do we actually do the math to verify? With the increase in prices for flights here are some ideas that can make you think twice before booking your flight or that can help you save and therefore pay a good price.

1. Travel sites are a good way to compare prices besides going to the airline’s official website. If you opt for the travel agent you won’t necessarily pay more, it depends on the agreement between the agent and airline. The only main difference is that the travel agent can only give you certain flights, the ones that are part of their agreement with the carrier and therefore your choices may be limited. Always do your research before booking.

2. The prices of Flight tickets vary depending on the number of seats the carrier is filling. Airlines have a set number of seats they have to fill and therefore until they reach that number your ticket may be more expensive or less. They have at least two or three blocks of seats that go for cheaper, for this reason sometimes prices change from one day to another.

3. Booking ahead is your way to getting the cheapest ticket for your departure date. If you can’t do this then you can decide when to travel based on low season, this will save you money; or if that can’t work for you then there is always the choice of using discount sites versus the popular ones.

4. When you book online you save because airlines and travel sites avoid overhead costs of printing and paper handling, as well as staff.

5. You save if you book more than twenty-one days in advance, once you have reached the fourteen day mark your ticket will almost be at its highest price. If you already know you want to go on vacation next year decide a time when you think you can finally buy your plane ticket at least thirty days before your trip.

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