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10 Places to See in Spain Before You Die

The sun, sea, rolling greens, historical sites, beautiful men and women… there’s everything in Spain. No wonder more than 50 million people visit the country every year. Everybody should visit Spain at least once–it is, indeed, an amazing country. Here are 10 places in Spain you should definitely visit.

Barcelona125Barcelona – The business capital of Spain and by far the trendiest city in the country. Whether it’s for shopping, culture, or nightlife, Barcelona is always buzzing. But you will find many remnants from the Roman times here, as well as monuments from Renaissance and Gothic days. In fact, there are nine World Heritage buildings in the city.

Madrid – The capital city of Spain is also a center of culture and arts. There are 73 museums in the city, including the renowned Prado Museum, Reina Sofia National Art Center, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. There’s a lot of history, too. After all, people have been living in this part of Spain for more than two million years.

800px-Fale_-_Spain_-_Granada_-_84Granada – This is a beautiful city below the Sierra Nevada with quaint streets full of flowers. Actually, there are plenty of gardens, along with shops that sell traditional crafts. Try one of the taverns, as well as some local wine and Trevélez ham. Granada is just the place for water sports and winter sports alike.

Sierra Nevada – It’s the biggest mountain range in Spain and also a national park. A UNESCO Biosphere, you will find a wide range of flora and fauna here. Close to Granada, the Sierra Nevadas face the Mediterranean. There are many spas and thermal springs in Las Alpajurras.

800px-View_Malaga_From_Muelle_1Malaga – A beautiful coastal town, you will get all the sun, sand, and sea you want in Malaga. You will find many historical monuments, too, like Alcazaba and the King’s Palace. The nightlife is really happening in Malaga–just look in the Zona el Palo entertainment district. Choose from many hip bars and seafood restaurants here. It’s a great place for hanging out.

Costa Brava – There was a time when poets, painters, intellectuals, and writers spent their vacations here. Today, you will find some of the swankiest resorts in Costa Brava. It is often referred to as the “blue paradise.”

800px-Paisaje_de_EspañaSeville – This is among the biggest cities in Spain. Visit Barrio de Santa Cruz or the old Jewish quarter and then head north of the city to the stunning Plaza de España. You can take a horse carriage to reach it. Seville is a great city to find out all about Andalusian traditions like bullfighting, tapas, and flamenco song and dance. Enjoy the nightlife here.

Toledo – This is the city of three cultures: Christians, Muslims, and Jews. You will be impressed with the fortifications and maze-like streets, and the cathedral is a World Heritage Site.

800px-Gibraltar_03Gibraltar – A famous landmark, this rock separates Europe and Africa. But it’s more than a rock–it’s actually quite interesting, because there are lots of tunnels within it and as many as 143 caves. Try parasailing, scuba diving, pier fishing, and water-skiing while in Gibraltar, and if you’re up to it, try your luck at the casino.

San Sebastian – This is a beautiful city in Spain that sits on top of three hills. It’s a fashionable summer capital, and it is home to some fantastic beaches, such as Playa de la Concha and Playa de Ondaretta. Try the seafood restaurants and tapas bars in the Old Town.