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10 Places to See in Italy Before You Die

If there is one country that is a must visit, then it is Italy. It is a dream destination for most travelers. There is history and heritage, arts and fine sculpture, religious monuments, ruins, stunning landscapes, a beautiful coastline, pristine lakes, hills and valleys, the best foods and wines, and passionate people. The list of places to visit in Italy is endless. But here are 10 must-visit spots.

RomeRoman-Forum-romeItalyMost tourists begin their Italian journey in the capital city of Rome. It is not the city of Caesar anymore, but it is fascinating nonetheless. There is the Colosseum, Vatican City, the Trevi Fountain, and plenty of Roman structures and town squares to see.

Venice – Venice is probably the second-most-visited city in Italy, after Rome. This is the city of beautiful canals, bridges, and town squares. Go for a gondola ride on the Grand Canal and adore the historic architecture on both banks. Spend time in St. Mark’s Square, but don’t forget the art galleries and museum. They are quite amazing.

FlorenceflorenceThis is the city of the Renaissance, a treasure of art and architecture. Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo, is visible from everywhere in Florence, and there are many other stunning churches and museums for you to explore. Don’t miss the art galleries as well like the Pitti Palace and the Ufizzi. Of course you will want to see “David,” located in the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Milan – Visit Milan for its soccer culture and the premium boutique stores–after all, it’s one of the fashion capitals of the world. But there is a third reason for visiting Milan, and it’s a major reason: “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. You’ll also want to visit the beautiful Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco.

Amalfi Coastamalfi_estock-photo-2001-205451-01-panoThe Amalfi Coast is among the most picturesque coastlines in the world. The 30 mile drive regularly ranks on the list of the most beautiful drives. It’s stunning to say the least. The winding road will surely take your breath away. Look out for multicolored villas, beautiful villages, and lemon groves along the way.

Cinque Terre – The Cinque Terre in Liguria offers stiff competition to Amalfi. The craggy cliffs and wine terraces look amazing and the views are stunning. Walk the narrow path along that links the villages–it’s the best way to see and appreciate the beauty of this coastal region.

NaplesnaplesNaples is among the busiest cities in Italy. Of course that’s not the reason why you should visit it. You should come here to go to Pompeii, which is very close. Take a helicopter ride or hike up to Mt. Vesuvius. Or take a day trip to the island of Capri. Naples is also the birthplace of pizza, and the restaurant that served up the first pie is still in business.

Pisa – The Leaning Tower of Pisa is among the most recognized landmarks in the world. The city was a commercial empire in the Middle Ages and you can see remnants of that to this day.

TurinturinTurin is often overlooked, as most tourists head to Rome, Florence, and Venice. But it’s a hidden gem. Turin is a classic Italian city with beautiful architecture, a grand main piazza, and, as it was a recent home to the Olympic games, you’ll be able to enjoy the most modern technology and facilities throughout the city.

The Dolomites – The Dolomites are a group of mountains in northern Italy. There you’ll find beautiful meadows, deep valleys, woods, great hikes, and picturesque villages, plus fantastic skiing during the winter. There are 18 peaks here that are higher than 3,000 meters. The Dolomites make for a perfect alpine retreat.