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The Joys of July Travels

So, what do you think of when you see July come up on your calendar? Do you think of the warm weather, the fireworks, or maybe you just get the mid-year itch to travel? Whatever it is, July stands out as a great month for traveling, for celebrating, and just for having lots of fun, so this year, make your July travel destinations even more memorable by planning out the ideal summertime itinerary.

Celebrate American Independence
philadelphia July 4th
No July calendar is complete without a grand celebration of American independence, so make sure that you take some time to visit some of the more historically significant cities in the US during this time of the year. Philadelphia on July 4th, in particular, is well worth a visit, and while you’re there, enjoy the beautiful fireworks display that has come to define this marvelous celebration.

Bali Beach
bali-beachSo, now you have some festivals checked of your July to-do list, but why stop there when you can also take advantage of the fine weather that’s unique to this time of year. Head on over to Barbados and enjoy the sun-kissed sands of its beautiful beaches.  But if you’d prefer a longer trip to a more exotic venue, then why not visit Bali, Indonesia, to see how beachgoers like to have fun on the other side of the globe.

Pamplona, Spain, Festivities
Looking for a more exciting July excursion? Then why not head for Pamplona, Spain, and join in one of the most famous festivals in the entire world. During this time of the year, Pamplona plays host to none other than the famed “Running of the Bulls” festival, and if you’ve ever needed an adrenaline rush, then you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this.

Enjoy the British Sunshine
hyde park summer
Of course, as much fun as the beaches are, and as enjoyable as it may be to just laze around all day, there’s also some sightseeing to be done during the July travel season. Take some time to visit Britain during this time of the year, and see what it’s truly like when the sun’s out and people can have fun.

The month of July is simply ideal for all of your travel goals, and no matter what vacation you may plan on having, the best thing about globetrotting during this time of year is that you simply just won’t run out of great places to visit and great things to do. It’s fun to see the world, and all the more when you do it during the month of July.