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5 Money Saving Tips for trips to Europe

Today travelers look for the best deals when taking a trip and one of the main destinations for leisure, business or educational travel is Europe.  Some of the most travelled to countries are Spain, Italy, France, and the U.K.
These trips can be expensive, independently from the time one decides to stay.  Fortunately, today there are ways to make a vacation more affordable.  Five of the best money saving tips for taking a trip to Europe are booking hotels online through good hotel provider sites like,,, or; staying in less central areas; travelling during low season; taking flights from and to main airports in the countries visiting; and using public transportation.
1. Book Online
More and more people are using the internet as a means to make their own trip and find prices that agree with their budget.  There are many sites that compare prices from different hotel, flight and car providers, which in turn allows the vacation taker to find the best deals.  Some sites are hotel search engine ones, like, or; where one can compare prices from different sites and find the best hotel deals.  Then there are travel reservation or search engine sites, like, or, that give prices for package vacation deals, rent a car, flight, hotel and more services individually or together.  The best sites are free and give the same information a travel agent would; this makes online booking a convenient trip planner.  Tourists save money, time and energy when they plan and book their trips online.
2. Non-Central Locations
Main cities are always more expensive then the surrounding area because that is where most tourists want to go.  Travelers usually want to see the most famous sites and attractions and being downtown helps make everything closer.  The small detail that tourists don’t always know is that one can stay in a hotel outside the center, pay less, and still have easy access to all the site-seeing they want to do.
3. Low Season
Whenever there is a trend prices rise and this is the same for travelling during high season.  If a person has flexibility with their vacation dates it is opportune to go on vacation during low season because this is when the best deals are offered.  Low season travel saves money and is just as enjoyable as in high season.
4. Main Airports
Buy plane tickets to and from the main airports, it will save you money.  These airports are bigger, have more flights going in and out and a greater number of choices for departure and arrival destinations.
5. Public Transportation
Renting a car, driving one’s own car, or always taking taxis can make a trip more expensive than needed.  In most European cities, like Madrid, Paris or London, travelling by taxi within the downtown area is usually reasonably priced, but their public transportation can be even cheaper.  Buses, metros and trains have daily, weekly and monthly passes.  They run from early morning until late at night and have stops all over the city.
Following these five tips will help make one’s trip the best planned yet, with the most savings.  “