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For City Lovers Mexico City Always Makes an Impression

Mexico offers a variety of vacation options in addition to beaches, Mayan and Aztec ruins, and Mexican nightlife experiences in resorts and touristic towns.  For those who love the hustle and bustle of city life, Mexico City will be where you will go.  Take a bus tour of Mexico City and see all the monuments, churches, parks, and city squares that you can then go visit by foot.  
Some of the most famous attractions are the National Anthropological Museum, Chapultepec Park, the National Palace, the Templo Mayor and Xochimilco.  Art and architecture with bright pastel color buildings will take part on your city exploration, as well as modern skyscraper building.  At night you can see the mariachi in Garibaldi Square and then continue the evening in a nearby taverna or restaurant.  This Mexico city trip will fill your curious heart with Mexican culture, history, music and art; the best souvenir to take from one’s travels.