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Essential Travel Tools

Any traveller these days understands how hard it is to decide what exactly to take on a trip.


Be it a family vacation or a business meeting you’re off to you are going to need to keep everything pared down to the essential travel tools, especially if you don’t want to pay any extravagant baggage fees.


Along with your basic clothing needs, there are a few essential travel tools to bring along that can have multi-purpose functions.

Duct tape can be used as a lint remover; it can be used to repair things of a non-electronic nature and any holes in your luggage. It can also repair any holes, rips or tears you may get in your clothing.

A wire hanger can be used to hold your luggage closed when your zipper stops working.  It is also great for holding your loose exhaust pipe in place as you cruise down the highway. Of course, it can be used as the old standby of hanging your clothes to dry as well.

One of the other essential travel tools is the Swiss Army Knife.  Obviously, this can’t be taken on a plane, but you can travel by car with one.  Screwdrivers, knives, and a can opener are on board.

 Whittle some skewers for marshmallows, repair broken down items and open some canned beans. What a great tool!


Hand sanitizer is great to have along when you travel in case you come to a restroom that’s a little too icky or out of soap.  Cleanliness is the key.

Toilet paper.  How often have you travelled, gone into a restroom, only to be greeted with no toilet paper.  You certainly don’t want all “that” to be hanging around your undercarriage. It’s also great to use as facial tissue if you have a runny nose.

With these essential travel tools at your side you are sure to have a less eventful trip with a lot more time on your hands for a great time and lots of fun!

Swiss army knife