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How to get around Chicago

A Transportation guide to discover 15 Must-visit places

Welcome to the city of Chicago, where astonishing architecture, cultural jewels, and culinary delights await your exploration.

With so much to see and do, getting around advantageously and comfortably is key to making the foremost of your visit.

This article will take you on an expedition through the 15 must-see places in Chicago and give you some useful tips on how to explore the city like a local using the public transportation system.

Download your offline maps, put on your walking shoes, and let’s set out on a memorable adventure through the best that Chicago has to offer.

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1. Millennium Park:

Start your Chicago travel within the heart of the city at Millennium Park. Home to the iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, also known as “The Bean,” this urban oasis highlights staggering architecture, breathtaking art establishments, and a packed calendar of free concerts and occasions. 

Conveniently located downtown near to several CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) train stations, including the Randolph/Wabash station (Orange, Green, Brown, Pink, and Purple Lines) and the Millennium Station (Metra Electric District Line), you’ll be able to effortlessly get to Millennium Park by means of public transportation or take a walk from nearby attractions.

2. Navy Pier:

Experience the energetic spirit of Navy Pier, a bustling entertainment hub that provides something for everybody. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel for all panoramic scenes of the city and Lake Michigan, investigate the diverse feasting alternatives, catch a theater show, or simply drench within the dynamic atmosphere.

Navy Pier is accessible by different means of transportation, CTA buses serve Navy Pier, and there is a free trolley service called the Navy Pier Trolley that runs along the pier. Rideshare options and taxis are also available.

3. Art Institute of Chicago:

lose yourself in the top-notch artworks inside the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the oldest and biggest art museums in the State of Illinois. Spectacular with masterpieces of art by prominent artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso, and look at the museum’s huge collection which have crossed centuries and continents. 

Found in Grant Park, the historical center is effortlessly available via several CTA train stations, including the Adams/Wabash station (Orange, Green, Brown, Pink, and Purple Lines) and the Monroe station (Blue Line). CTA buses also serve the area.

4. Magnificent Mile:

Indulge in a premier shopping encounter along the Magnificent Mile, a prestigious extent of Michigan Avenue. Browse luxury boutiques, department stores, and flagship stores, and treat yourself to a shopping spree in this shopper’s heaven.

Public transportation, including buses and trains, conveniently serves the Magnificent Mile. CTA buses run along Michigan Avenue, and the Chicago Red Line and Chicago Brown Line stations are within walking distance of this place.

5. Grant Park:

Escape the urban hustle and flurry in Grant Park, Chicago’s “front yard.” This sprawling green space is home to iconic attractions such as Buckingham Fountain, the Museum Campus, and the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, where you’ll be able catch free outdoor concerts amid the summer months. 

Accessible by public transportation and within walking distance of downtown, Grant Park is served by several CTA train stations, including the Adams/Wabash station (Orange, Green, Brown, Pink, and Purple Lines) and the Roosevelt station (Red, Orange, and Green Lines). CTA buses also serve the area.

6. Willis Tower Skydeck:

Ascend to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower for a breathtaking experience on the Skydeck. Appreciate panoramic scenes of the city, step onto the glass edge for a thrilling viewpoint, and capture mind blowing photographs of Chicago’s horizon. 

Found within the heart of downtown, the Willis Tower is effortlessly accessible by public transportation. The tower is near several CTA train stations, including the Quincy/Wells station (Brown, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines) and the Jackson station (Blue Line).

7. Shedd Aquarium:

Dive into a submerged world at the Shedd Aquarium, where you’ll be able to experience an unimaginable cluster of marine life. From beluga whales to penguins and mesmerizing jellyfish, the aquarium offers an educational and engaging experience for all ages.

Located on the Museum Campus which is accessible by public transportation. The Roosevelt station (Red, Orange, and Green Lines) and the Museum Campus/11th Street station (Metra Electric District Line) are within walking distance of the aquarium.

Before going to museum If you would like to explore the culinary delights of Chicago? Check out the following link to have an idea. It will give you a great idea of where to begin your culinary adventure. Eating Your Way Through Chicago.

8. Field Museum:

Delve into natural history and anthropology at the Field Museum, domestic to Sue, the biggest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found. Explore intriguing exhibits that display ancient civilizations, dinosaur fossils, and cultural artifacts from around the world.

The Field Museum is arranged on the Museum Campus and is effortlessly available by public transportation. The Roosevelt station (Red, Orange, and Green Lines) and the Museum Campus/11th Street station (Metra Electric District Line) are within walking distance of the museum. For more information you can visit official website of the Field Museum

9. Lincoln Park Zoo:

Experience the wonders of wildlife at the Lincoln Stop Zoo, one of the country’s oldest zoos and an astonishing family destination. Find a diverse range of animals, counting lions, gorillas, and zebras, while walking through delightfully landscaped grounds.

Inside Lincoln Park, the zoo can be reached by public transportation. Several CTA bus routes operate within the area, and the Fullerton station (Red, Brown, and Purple Lines) is at a walking distance from the zoo. Tske a look on the official website of Lincoln Park Zoo

10. Museum of Science and Industry:

Ignite your interest at the Museum of Science and Industry, which intelligently shows, captivating displays, and awe-inspiring demonstrations bring science to life. From investigating a captured German U-boat to learning about space exploration, this historical center offers a wealth of information and entertainment for guests of all ages.

Found in Jackson Park, the museum is available by public transportation. The Jackson Park/63rd Street station (Metra Electric District Line) is within walking distance of the museum. CTA buses also serve the area. Official website of the Museum

11. Wrigley Field:

Baseball fans won’t like to miss a visit to Wrigley Field, the memorable home of the Chicago Cubs. Capture the scenes of an amusing game on your camera at this famous ballpark, douse within the exuberant energy, and cheer alongside dedicated fans.

Located within the Lakeview neighborhood, Wrigley Field is effortlessly available by public transportation. The Addison station (Red Line) is within walking distance of the stadium. CTA buses and rideshare options are also available.

12. The Second City:

Laugh the night away at The Second City, an amazing comedy club that has sustained the gifts of numerous celebrated comedians. Appreciate improv shows and sketch comedy performances that will leave you in stitches.

Situated within the Old Town neighborhood, The Second City can be reached by public transportation. The Sedgwick station (Brown and Purple Lines) is within walking distance of the club. CTA buses also serve the area.

13. Chicago Riverwalk:

Experience the magnificence of the Chicago River by taking a comfortable walk along the Chicago Riverwalk. Appreciate the pleasant views, charming cafes, and the architectural grandeur of the city’s skyscrapers reflected in the water.

The Riverwalk is available from several points near to the Chicago River. CTA train stations, such as Clark/Lake (Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines) and State/Lake (Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, and Purple Lines), are within walking distance of the Riverwalk. CTA buses also operate within the area.

14. Garfield Park Conservatory:

Escape to a lavish oasis at the Garfield Park Conservatory, where you’ll be able investigate tropical gardens, find rare plant species, and inundate yourself within the tranquility of nature. 

This botanical pearl is found on the city’s West Side and can be reached by public transportation. The Conservatory-Central Park Drive station (Green Line) is within walking distance of the conservatory. CTA buses also serve the area.

15. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio:

Delve into the virtuoso of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright by going to his home and Studio in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago. Take a guided visit to investigate the place where Wright created his progressive design standards and see the excellent architecture firsthand.

Oak Park can be reached by public transportation. The Oak Park station (Green Line and Metra Union Pacific West Line) is within walking distance of the home and studio.

To make the foremost of your visit and easily encounter the finest 15 places this city has to offer, understanding and utilizing Chicago’s transportation framework is key. Now, we’ll walk you through the different transportation alternatives accessible, guaranteeing that you can navigate the city like a seasoned local and find the wonders that awaits you.

The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Train:

Chicago’s popular CTA train framework may be a helpful and proficient way to reach numerous of the city’s must-visit places. The hoisted trains cover an endless network, interfacing downtown with different neighborhoods.

To get to the Millennium Park, the Art Institute, and the Magnificent Mile, get on to the Red Line. The Blue Line takes you to the dynamic Wicker Park neighborhood, whereas the Brown Line conveniently stops close to the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Garfield Park Conservatory.

CTA Buses:

Chicago’s broad transport network offers an adaptable and open means of transportation. For a picturesque course, take bus #151 along Michigan Avenue to investigate the Magnificent Mile, Grant Park, and the Museum Campus. Bus #66 will transport you to Navy Pier, and bus #72 gives access to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Wrigley Field. Keep in mind to check transport schedules and arrange your travel in advance.

Divvy Bikes:

For a more dynamic and adventurous way to get around, consider using Divvy bicycles, Chicago’s bike-sharing program. With various docking stations all throughout the city, you can rent a bicycle for a couple of hours or a full day. Pedal your way through the pleasant Lakefront Trail to reach Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Field Museum. Just keep in mind to follow the traffic rules and lock your bicycle safely when making stops.

Neighborhood Exploration on Foot:

To truly submerge yourself within the charm of Chicago, explore its assorted neighborhoods on foot. Lace up your comfortable shoes and walk through the historic lanes of Oak Park to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio. Meander through the vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood to reach the Lincoln Park Zoo and enjoy the local shops and restaurants. By strolling, you’ll drench within the vibrant environment, stumble upon hidden treasures, and experience the city at your own pace.

Chicago’s transportation framework offers a heap of choices for exploring your way to the best 15 places the city has to offer. Whether you select to ride the CTA trains, jump on a bus, pedal through the lanes on a Divvy bicycle, or explore on foot, each mode of transportation includes its own one-of-a-kind charm to your travel.

From the architectural wonders of Millennium Park and the Art Institute to the enthusiastic vibes of Navy Pier and the cultural pearls found in Lincoln Park and Oak Park, these 15 must-visit places encapsulate the soul and essence of Chicago.

let the bustling roads of Chicago direct you to exceptional encounters. Allow yourself to be captivated by the city’s breathtaking horizon, submerge yourself in its wealthy history and dynamic culture, and enjoy its diverse culinary offerings.

Whether you’re investigating the notorious attractions or lurching upon hidden treasures, Chicago guarantees an experience that will take you off with enduring memories.

So, pack your bags, grasp the soul of exploration, and let the transportation framework of Chicago be your ticket to revealing the best of this momentous city. The wonders of Chicago are waiting for you to discover them. Happy voyages!