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Tasting Korean’s Snack

Walking around on the street of Korea, you will find various stands selling various snacks.

It will be good for you to buy and try it. The snack is a good meal between your lunch and dinner time. Here are some tasty snacks from Korea.

1. Gimbap

Really popular food in Korea

This snack is sold per roll. The dish is made of cooked rice with sesame oil, sesame seeds, and also salt. It is placed on a sheet of dried laver. Sometimes, this meal is filled with spinach, pickled radish, ham and also egg that placed together before it is rolled. It looks like Sushi but it is different.

2. Jeon or Buchimgae

One of the many Korean dishes

Seafood or Kimchi is poured in a flour mixture, stirred and fried in oil. You can have Kimchi or seafood for this dish, some of them are combined together.

3. Tteokbokki

The real Korean food

This dish is spicy. You will have rice powder steamed and made into a long cylinder shaped then it is cut into finger size. It is cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce with meat and also vegetables. You can also add ramyeon to get delicious taste.

4. Sundae

This food is made with pork innards

This is not ice cream. if you want to try a bit extreme dish, you can have this. This dish is made of cow or pig’s intestine. It is stuffed with vegetables, bean curd and many more. You will see this dish served on a plate and the shape is like sausage. If you are really curious and want to taste it, just think about sausage.

5. Odaeng or Eomuk

Fish cake served in a skewer and boiled in hot water. This dish is very popular during winter. People eat this dish on the street during winter. You do not have to come to a restaurant to eat this since it can be found easily while walking around in Korea.


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