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The 14 best beaches in Morocco!

Is Morocco you next destination? Here are the best beaches where you can enjoy your vacation!

You will take advantage of more than a thousand kilometers of coastline to discover the perfect beach for you and permit yourself a small rest without thinking around anything: Morocco may be a dream goal for a holiday full of sun and unwinding. You will be able sunbathe, revive yourself within the precious stone clear water and the scenes provide a parcel of feelings. Snorkeling is a basic action that will permit you to come into contact with a colorful fauna. For water sports lovers, there are corners that offer wind and culminate waves for windsurfing. All that remains is to move forward.

What are the foremost lovely beaches in Morocco? Sidi Bouzid, Taghazout and many more. Find how to unwind by the sea with a Costa cruise.


It’s no coincidence that Saidia is known as “the blue pearl of the Mediterranean”. Get prepared to inundate yourself within the excellence of a beautiful town on the Algerian border that gives more than 14 kilometers of coastline in northeastern Morocco, close Oujda. The beaches are picture idealize, with clear, warm water and soft sand, perfect for families with children. It’s additionally a idealize put for vessel or catamaran trips. For those who favor to walk, excursions are organized to find an unused Morocco.

Sidi Bouzid

You will find yourself before a blast of nature between delicate sand and gem Clear Ocean. There will be bounty of space to unwind, walk, mull over nature. You will lease umbrellas or deckchairs. For an uncommon encounter, you will appreciate the
view, indeed whereas taking a horseback ride. The water is perfect for snorkeling, plunging and indeed windsurfing, as the waves never come up short. Sidi Bouzid could be an energetic ocean side resort; it’s 5 kilometers from the town of El Jadida, Morocco. There is no deficiency of clubs and restaurants where you will be able taste nearby dishes and there is an open-air theatre.


It is not as it were the brilliant sand or the precious stone clear and Calm Ocean, it is over all the expansive ocher cliffs that energize here at Legzira beach. The sound of the ocean breaking on the rocks, the subtleties of the beams that fade at dusk and cover everything with a searing ruddy, will take off you puzzled. The stone curves are stacked with subtleties and you may have time to enjoy the hush and the one of a kind scene by the ocean. It is 8 kilometers of uncrowded shoreline where you will be able breathe a small peace. It’s additionally an extraordinary opportunity to do sports in an enchanted nature.It located in southern Morocco, approximately 10 kilometers from Sidi Ifni, Morocco.

Tetouan, Martil and M’diq Beaches

Tetouan’s beaches are an overwhelming fascination. Its warm waters are perfect for swimming. The waves cover the brilliant sand, whereas the slopes and the vegetation differentiate with their dynamic greenery in a play of shades. In Tetouan you wll too appreciate a water stop perfect for children, without overlooking that for a day of medications and unwinding (counting saunas, kneads and wellness), the Tamoda Inlet thalassotherapy center is additionally at
your transfer. Within the environment, you may moreover discover present day lodgings prepared with each comfort, as well as a small town with an very energetic nightlife.
One of the foremost well-known and exuberant beaches around Tetouan is that of Martil, which is approximately 10 kilometers away. It is particularly prevalent within the summer. In addition, it’s not difficult to see why, since you will be able snorkel in a blasting blue sea and relax on delicate, fragile sand whereas you’re within the sun. The beach is prepared, and you will be able lease umbrellas, deck chairs and indeed everything you would like to hone water sports.
Another city not to be missed, particularly in summer, is M’diq, known by sightseers and outside inhabitants for the magnificence of its scenes. It is found approximately 20 kilometers from Tetouan, Morocco. The shoreline is exceptionally clean and the waters are calm and clear. It is a perfect put for snorkeling or water sports. Within the evening, it is frequented by anglers, who remain with their angling poles whereas holding up. M’diq moreover contains a picturesque port.

Oued Laou

It’s pproximately 40 kilometers from the city of Tetouan, in northern Morocco. The beach is one of the foremost lovely within the entirety nation and contains in itself the characteristics of Caribbean heavens: fine and sensitive sand, uncontaminated ocean and loose air. Adjacent there are too person on foot zones, ordinary shops where you’ll be able sneak in and walk, not overlooking the eateries where you’ll be able taste commonplace dishes. The city offers numerous administrations and lodgings for a extraordinary stay.

Las Cuevas

We are within the environment of Asilah, Morocco, a lovely visitor resort, prevalent for its white buildings. Once more, the epithet of the shoreline “Heaven shoreline” makes us understand what we are planning to encounter. It could be a pearl inserted in sand and rocks. Get to isn’t simple, because it can as it were be done on foot, with a pleasant walk within the greenery or with the assistance of carts pulled by donkeys, and given by the inhabitants.
Once there, the appear is worth the ticket cost. The precious stone clear ocean, the cliffs that appear to form an incredible scene will make you feeling you are interior an enchanted scene. The charm increments at dusk, when the reflections of light extend and donate a minute not to be missed. The beach is moderately calm on weekdays, but tends to fill up on weekends. You will be able rent deck chairs and appreciate a break in little kiosks.

Ain Dalia

It’s consistently considered one of the foremost intriguing shorelines in Morocco. We are within the north of the nation, close to Tangier, towards the Strait of Gibraltar. Get prepared for a phenomenal combination of delicate sand and gem clear waters. You will be able to shake, swim, snorkel or essentially choose to sunbathe. You won’t be bored as you’ll walk through the adjacent greenery as there are a few glades to urge misplaced in.


Its title in Berber implies “well planned”. A preamble to its excellence. This shoreline is found on the west coast of the Atlantic, Morocco. It is not as it were one of the finest known, but also one of the most angling ports within the nation. The wind is exceptionally charming there, which makes it a particularly suitable spot for windsurfing, kitesurfing and all sorts of water sports. The city may be a genuine gem, much appreciated for its specific design, its history and its treasures, beginning with the port, which dates from 1700. The old town has been recorded as a UNESCO legacy location. For all these reasons, it could be a prevalent put within the summer.


The city of Al Hoceima is called the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Discovering it is simple, it will donate you an arrangement of wonderful beaches, much appreciated to the excellence of its coves. Whether you need to laze, swim, live an encounter in contact with nature, you will discover what you are seeking out. Quemado beach is one of the most popular. The water is precious stone clear and the sand will grant you a special delicacy. Adjacent, in expansion to bars and eateries where you will be able taste the normal Moroccan food, you may discover many shops in which you will select the correct gifts for your holidays.
There are numerous pearls not to be missed within the locale. Other prevalent beaches incorporate Espalmadero, Cala Bonita, Bades and Armound Beach. On the off chance that you lean toward a bit of work out, that’s no issue, within the hinterland you will do diverse sorts of outings. For case, a path crosses Al Hoceima National Stop. Within the range, there are more
than 200 caves that will permit you to cross the bowels of the soil and be astounded by fabulous rough landscapes.


It’s located 25 kilometers from the city of Agadir. Taghazout Beach (moreover called “the 25 kilometer beach”) is prevalent around the world for being a culminating surfing destination. It’s additionally a put of sharing since devotees meet there amid “the wave season” to hone their favorite don. It’s additionally a family beach, loose, with bounty of space and especially acknowledged for angle dishes.


Welcome to the legendary beach for surfers. The south of Morocco is without a doubt the perfect place for sports and surfing in particular and the inlet of Lmsouane is no exception. This town, found almost 70 kilometers from Agadir, Morocco, is the reference point for windsurfers. There is also a school where you will get the necessary equipment. In addition to the wind and the waves, the locale offers an energetic environment, where you will be able to find neighborhood traditions, conventions, and particularly the eateries to appreciate the typical cuisine.

Dragon Beach

In Dakhla, in southern Morocco, you will reach another corner of heaven. Miles of beach anticipate you, in an environment where you may feel intimately associated to nature. They are confined places, surrounded by desert and with a consistent temperature of 25 degrees. One of the most popular beaches is without a doubt Mythical serpent Shoreline. Here, you will substitute between inertness and water sports. At that point, there is an extremely unmissable point, where the rises appear to vanish into the
ocean: this can be the “Pointe du Winged” serpent. The waves here appear nearly inebriating and surfers from all over the world attempt to ride them for hundreds of meters.
Among the other beaches simply can find adjacent, there is El Bouir, celebrated particularly for water sports. In addition, it is no coincidence that it’s frequented by handfuls of surfers, beginner windsurfers or experts who toss themselves into the wind to ride the waves. Dakhla is exceptionally famous for angling and you can also travel with a guide in an inflatable boat there.


Moroccans here completely eat “the best clams in the country”. The ocean side resort of Oualidia, nevertheless, it’s not only known for its angle, but above all for its beach. You may discover yourself before a misplaced shoreline for more than 3 kilometers between sand and nature. Here, in expansion to calm strolls, you will moreover rent everything you need to practice all sorts of water sports. It’s located in the south of El Jadida, Morocco.

White Beach

Finding the idealized spot some of the time takes a small additional work. Typically the case of the pearl, called “White Beach” or maybe “White Shoreline”, because it was nicknamed by the Spaniards. The shoreline is, in reality, found within the southern portion of Morocco, in Tangier, inverse the Canary archipelago. White sand rises cover this interminable space for more than 40 kilometers in an environment that appears suspended in time. It will be a genuine elude: you will be separated and the quiet will be hindered as it was by the sound of the waves and the wind.
The ocean is a welcome to take after it through the diverse shades of blue. Tangier is additionally celebrated for the popular Caves of Hercules, a tunnel that water burrowed within the shake and which is able offer you interesting scenes. Legend has it that Hercules was detained here, and broke free, making his way and crushing the stones with his clench hands.