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Where to Stay in Rome

Visiting Rome is definitely a rich experience, but it doesn’t necessarily need a rich individual! Before going to Rome and while you are planning your stay you have to put in mind where to put your money. That is, you have to set your priorities whether they are great accommodation or souvenirs, or even pasta!
Reviewing  hotels in Rome online could be a very convenient method to make a decision related to accommodation there. You can find many web sites that offer hotels lists (, expedia etc.) with the possibility to compare hotel prices (Tripadvisor,, Sidestep etc.) between them with regards to prices and services offered.
Also, these guides offer you to pick your hotel in Rome according to its location from the historic sites you intend to visit. Otherwise, you can pick a hotel which is closer to big markets or the city center or even the airport for a short or a transit visit!
You can find many discount packages, hotel deals,  especially with a big family. Some Rome hotels offer up to 60% discount per night, others are more flexible about the cancellation fees.
Personally, I advice you to save your money for something else. You see, there are some places where you can only have fun in accommodation matters like cities with few historic places or natural sites. But in a city like Rome, you’d better save each penny to visit more museums, parks, art galleries, and many more!