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What to see in Berlin: the Museum of natural sciences

When you plan to make a trip to Berlin, the first places that come to your mind are the wall, the Brandenburg Gate, the Museum of DDE and the Museum Island.
All places linked to an ancient history but nonetheless recently.

If you fancy a dip in the true story, where it all began, or rather in prehistory, Berlin has one of the most fascinating Museums of Europe: we are talking about the Museum für Naturkunde, the Museum of natural sciences.

A journey to discover the earth before man, surrounded by giant skeletons of dinosaurs, interactive videos and explanatory and then, at the center of the room, the attraction of the Museum: the World’s largest dinosaur skeleton, belonged to species Brachiosaurus brancai, with a height of 13.27 meters.

And then permanent exhibitions explaining the birth of the solar system, the skeleton of the primitive bird Archaeopteryx, fossils and minerals and more.
Totaling over 25 million items belonging to Zoology, paleontology and mineralogy.

Hours and directions
The Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 at 18:00.
On Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 at 18:00.

From downtown Mitte district just take the U6 line and get off at few meters from the Museum.
Information on public transportation can be found on the website of the Berlin public transport here.