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10 Places to See in Brazil Before You Die

Brazil is going to be the hottest travel destinations in the next few years–and 2014 will just be the beginning. Thousands of tourists are expected to visit the country to see the FIFA World Cup soccer games during June and July. And then in 2016, Rio will be hosting the Summer Olympic Games.  But with or without these huge sporting events, Brazil is a popular tourist destination. People from across the world have been coming to this country for decades for its natural wonders and splendors.

Here are 10 must-see places in Brazil.

1. Rio de Janeirorio-de-janeiroYou simply cannot miss Rio. With hills and the sea all around, the terrain of the city is unlike anywhere else. The Rio beach is also among the best in the world. And then there is the Christ the Redeemer statue, a famous landmark. And, of course, there’s the Rio Carnival, too!

2. São Paulo

Sao-PauloThe biggest city in South America, São Paulo is also home to world-class museums, the finest shopping in Brazil, and wonderful food.

3. Salvador

681x454Salvador is the former capital of Brazil and it is often referred to as “the capital of joy” because of its music, cuisine, and architecture. You can’t miss the African influence in this Brazilian city of art and contemporary music.

4. Florianopolis

beache_florianopolisA lot of Brazilians believe that Florianopolis is the best city in Brazil. It’s perfect for a beach and surfing vacation. You will love the seafood here, as well as the parks and markets.

5. Foz do Iguacuiguacu-fallsFoz do Iguacu is among the most-visited cities in Brazil. It’s the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding attractions. And there are quite a few of them, including the stunning Iguazu Falls, Iguaçu National Park, Tríplice Fronteira, and the Itaipu Dam. You might also come face-to-face with howler monkeys, endangered jaguars, and giant anteaters.

 6. Buzios – More than 20 beaches makes Buzios the beach capital of Brazil. There is a perfect beach here for snorkelers, surfers, and elite travelers alike.

7. Jericoacoara – This isn’t for you if you just want to get off of the plane and drive to a nearby mega resort. Jericoacoara is for adventurers who love driving down dirt roads, but the pristine beach and gorgeous surroundings make it a paradise for nature lovers.

8. Amazon River

amazon_river_bThis is a natural wonder and, ecologically, is among the most important areas in the world. The forest on both sides of the river is home to one-tenth of the world’s species–new animals and plants are discovered every day.

9. Pantanal

pantanal_brazilThis is a huge swamp with plenty of animals, including the largest population of Jaguars. You are almost sure to see lots of wildlife here.

10. Ouro Preto

ouropretoThis is a beautifully-preserved colonial town in Brazil. You will see churches from the 18th and the 19th Centuries, as well as stunning Portuguese architecture.