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Most Romantic Spots in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most romantic destinations in US. There are a lot of activities offered in this city to make you have nice romantic trip experience. Here are some activities in San Francisco.

Sunset walk
You need to have a good place to enjoy sunset. One of the best walking paths is Crissy Field. The walk from Crissy Field to Fort Point is one of the most attractive and outstanding path of the city as you could enjoying stunning views! This walking features Golden Gate Bridge overlooking the beach with high waves and native plants, and Fort Point, the only fort built in XIX centuries left. This walking area offers Golden Gate Bridge. If you time is just right , strating around half an hour before “”official”” sunset time , you will be able to see the sunset including the city light come up on your way back.

Short walk
Ocean beach and lands’ end can be your romantic place. People find this place is quite romantic to mend a good relationship while walking with their spouse. The ruins of old Sutro Baths below the Cliff house is quite silent and romantic. You can also go to the other direction to have sandy beach on your feet. Park in the just uphill from Cliff House and go through the parking lot, you will end up by getting to a fantastic path featuring breathtaking views.

Palace of Fine Arts
This place is very beautiful and most people are coming here to take pictures. Wedding photos are often conducted here with wonderful classical style columns and also pretty rotunda next to small lake with swans is the best settings. Walking around this area will be very relaxing and calming. Try not to spend too much time around the rotunda, as it’s always quite crowded and you barely can relaxed a bit. Instead try for one of the benches across the pond where you can have a prettier views.

Skyline view
Go to the Treasure Island. You will have wonderful and very beautiful view of San Francisco, California. You can drive your car here as the view you will have is gorgeous as what appears will be a manned entrance booth. Do not stay out but you can drive further inside to get more privacy and a good parking place. You can enjoy your own city view alone with your spouse.

Sunset Cruise
You can have a nice cruise trip to complete your romantic journey in San Francisco. It is a good place to spend your time as spouse. Most of the cruise also has nice sunset view from the ship and nice cocktail. There are many love confession and also wedding proposals happened here.