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Orlando – The Best Time To Go

OrlandoOrlando is one of Florida’s main tourist and national attraction.  The city has numerous theme parks that children and adults enjoy visiting.  Even though there is no high or low season in Orlando there are factors you should keep in mind when deciding when you wish to go.  The dual typology of visitor makes it so that families, young adults, adults and friends go visit at different times.  The children and families tend to go in higher numbers when the kids are out of school.  The adults can go for a weekend vacation or when they have vacation time from work.  As you can see this already constitutes a year round travel to the city.  The second factor to keep in mind is weather.  If you don’t like heat and humidity you don’t want to go in the summer months.  Based on these two factors we could say that the best months for those who want to deal with less people and crowds, plus amicable weather when visiting Orlando should go between the beginning of September up to November (before Thanksgiving weekend to be precise), after Thanksgiving until the middle of December, and then before and after spring vacation.