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What will you find in Manhattan

ManhattanNew York is a city of many wonders.  The city breaths life, adventure and fun.  The Big Apple has monuments, museums and shopping.  Tourists come here to see the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and the MET; to name a few of Manhattan’s most renowned sites.  Even though New York is a big city everything that people want to see is pretty much located in Manhattan.  The metro system, which runs at all times, can bring you anywhere around Manhattan as well as outside to places like Brooklyn or JFK.  In addition to touristy stops, the city offers a nightlife like no other.  The clubs vary from ones with rap, R&B, techno, to latino music and reggae.  Lounge bars and pubs are also very popular and spread out, as are the numerous restaurants that offer all types of cuisine from Thai to Japanese to Italian.  You can’t miss China Town, Soho, and Little Italy.