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7 Stunning Drives of Europe

The amazing view

Europe has more interesting features than just the Industrial Revolution and high-class soccer players. The lakes, mountains, castle remains, beaches all the seductive attractions draw tourists from all around the world to come and explore the beauty of the continent.

If you plan to drive through Europe to learn some slices about the history and relish the nature, here is a list ten amazing drives through the Blue Continent:

1.         The Amalfi Coast

Italy is famous for its wonderful views of the secluded areas. This spot is one of the great areas in Italy that promise a notable experience of exploring the lean, breezy road along the coast. Start the journey in Sorrento where sheer cliff accompanies along the way while in the back the blue ocean is shiny, reflecting the warm sun light. The forty five miles long road seems not enough to admire the scenery so get a room somewhere around Ravello where you can also enjoy its fabulous music festival.
Here you will find all the touristic information about Amalfi:

2.         King Ludwig’s Castle Drive

If you are into fairytale stories or curious about how the ancient German lived their life, take on your wheel and drive to the King Ludwig’s Castle. From Munich, you can start your memorable journey of driving through the mountains that are covered with snow, farms, forests and lakes. Park your car in Fussen and look up to the great Neuschwanstein that inspired the Cinderella Castle.

The charm of castles

3.         The Giant’s Causeway Coast

The Northern Ireland has a track for an unforgettable drives through the Causeway Coast. You may enjoy the panoramic White Park Bay Beach, the fabulous Dunluce Castle remains and taste some whiskey at the old Bushmills Distillery. There are huge basalt columns standing from the sea surface in the middle of the journey. Local legend has it that those “steps” were built for Finn MacCool, a giant from the past, who crossed the ocean to fight another giant from Scotland long time ago.

4.         The Estoril

People often find it hard to decide whether they want to come to a beach or mountain for a vacation. Portugal can serve you well if you are coming into the situation. Explore the creek of Tejo by driving along until Estoril and celebrate the hearth-throb mountains and sea panorama. Estoril is popular among the haves and king/queen’s family. Perhaps you might meet some Europe’s prince or princess here, who knows.

5.         The Grand, Middle and Lower Corniches

Stretched along the area of France and Monaco, the Corniches actually consists of three layers even though most people only recognize the Grand one, thanks to the fascinating Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief”. All the roads are tremendous, but it is true that the upper road-the Grande Corniche-offers more scenic views.

In Europe there are some of the best lakes in the world

6.         Bergen to Oslo

Norway’s villages and mountains are really awesome especially when you live in a huge city where the only towering things are offices and the Statue of Liberty. Start your journey from the coastal area in Bergen. Drive along the heritage site of the world as declared by UNESCO and don’t miss the spectacular views of the mountains, oceans and blue fjord in the surroundings.

7.         The Catalonia

Visit the eccentric Salvadore Dali’s hometown. The stunning scenery combined with Dali’s legacy makes the Figueres city worth to visit in the middle of the journey. In Cadaques, you can take pleasure from the sea views and shiny white buildings. Then make sure you end up in Port Lligat where Dali died in 1982.