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Crave GuestService+, Technology that Served Better

Almost all hotels in the world seem to optimized the using of technology in their services. The aspect of technology involvement is vary, not only for the booking or checking in/out. As performed by Crave Interactive Ltd. – a leader in hospitality for providing a vendor to smart e-menu solution – by launching its latest product called Crave GuestService+. Crave GuestService+ acts as a unique solution for customer to access the standard information, amenities and useful services via tablet computers that already provided in the room. The tablet computers provided are the stylish and branded ones.

This product can be used to order food and beverages within the area of the hotel, pool, meeting room, service room etc. The goods ordered will be paid as a part of the room price or can be paid via paypal or credit card.

In addition, we can use this product to pay the hotel bills without queueing in font of the receptionist’s table, plus this product is available in many languages to bring simplicity to costumers.

Gareth Hughes, Crave Founder and CEO, said that it is time for hoteliers to embrace the tablet computers to give better service to the guests in a modern way. This product provides the guests access to required information wherever they are and the hotel can gain marketing and financial benefit by using Crave GuestService+.

Crave GuestService+ is powered by Crave Cloud that enables the hotel to uncover what their guests want because Crave Cloud is armed with ability to analyse the data used by the guests and report it to the hotel. Thus, the hotel can prepare better costumer-oriented services referring to the data given by Crave Cloud. Keep the guest in an on-going relationship with the hotel is also possible thing by using this product.